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Passion for the excellence is the common denominator for ESCP Europe, with international presence, and ALMA’s core values and teaching methods.

They are based on advanced techniques and respect for tradition, practical activity, a profound food culture and knowledge of raw materials and Italian regionality. This approach allows ALMA graduates the opportunity to become ambassadors of Made in Italy’s values and promoters of Italian enogastronomy throughout the world. With this common feature, ESCP Europe Business School and ALMA boost the training experience for the students who attended the module.

In particular during the part “Chef for a week”, the students learnt directly from culinary Masters, recognised all over the world, how to manage complexity and unleash creativity.

This project “Chef for a Week” of the Master in International and Food & Beverage Manager allow to know and live the beautiful Italian Food Valley for 5 days of meetings with Masters, cooking classes, tasting sessions, training experiences and company visits with famous Italian business leaders in the Food & Beverage sector.


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