George Brown College and ALMA celebrate their 20 years partnership

Toronto – Celebrating Italia! is the name of the special events celebrating the 20-year partnership between ALMA and Canada’s George Brown College in Toronto, that schedules the prestigious participation of Michelin-starred chef, Ernesto Iaccarino of Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant’Agata in Italy, as announced by Liberty Entertainment Group and Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto – the award-winning, Michelin-starred contemporary Italian fine dining destination located on the 38th floor of Toronto’s celebrated Westin Harbour Castle Hotel at 1 Harbour Square.


Kicking off Tuesday January 30th, Chef Iaccarino – with his Sous Chef from Italy and ALMA graduate, Nicola Pignatelli, and the team from Toronto headed by chef de cuisine, Davide Ciavattella — will host a hands-on culinary Masterclass from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM at George Brown College in the Culinary Theatre #112, located at 300 Adelaide Street East.

On Wednesday, January 31st, Toronto’s gastronomic who’s who will gather at 5:30 PM for a ceremony to mark the 20 years between ALMA and George Brown College. Featuring honoured guests, the Consul General of Italy Luca Zelioli, Andrea Sinigaglia, ALMA’s general manager, and Rudi Fischbacher, Dean of GBC, the special guests will address the successful program and present this year’s returning culinary graduate students with their certificates.

The high profile cocktail reception at 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the Grand Atrium will feature Italian-themed aperitivi, including a tasting station from guest chef Ernesto Iaccarino and the Don Alfonso team. Guest may also graze through regional-themed stations including one highlighting the GBC Advanced Italian Culinary Arts program students.

ALMA has been training professionals in the world of Italian Cuisine and hospitality for about 20 years and, in addition to Italian students, counts on a network of prestigious schools around the world, among which the collaboration with George Brown College is a highlight. Approximately 200 students have travelled from Canada to come to Italy, and among these many are now real success stories for our schools. We are truly excited to sail into our 20th year of partnership and to renew our commitment to the training of young professionals in the hospitality industry who have chosen our schools to build their professional future” said Andrea Sinigaglia, ALMA General Manager.

Over the past two decades– explains Rudolf Fischbacher, Dean of George Brown Collegethis collaboration with ALMA has provided invaluable opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in the rich cultural experiences offered by Italy. It is with great pride that we reflect on the numerous success stories, cross-cultural connections, and shared learning that have emerged from this successful partnership. We look forward to another two decades of shared success and impactful collaboration.”


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