Julia Kryuchkova, DipWSET is a sommelier and wine educator committed to sharing water and wine culture with foodies and wine enthusiasts, as well as HoReCa operators and restaurant owners across the globe. After getting her degree in international relations, she quickly discovered that her true passion was food and wine. She continued her education as a sommelier at the Italian Sommelier Association, and later at ALMA, proceeding with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Diploma.

She has been in the food and beverage business for 18 years, starting by exporting food ingredients and switching her focus to mineral waters and wine later. She is keen on improving restaurant guests’ experience by introducing innovative water, wine, and food pairing concepts.

Julia lived in China for 13 years and travelled extensively throughout Asia, which she considers an enriching cultural experience that brought her to a deeper understanding of the world’s gastronomic traditions and people’s taste preferences.

She creates and hosts her masterclasses on water, wine, and food pairings, as well as introductionary wine courses and wine tastings at her private wine school Cultura Liquida in Turin, Italy. Being an excellent entertainer, Julia makes wine education informative, fun, and engaging. She is a S.Pellegrino Ambassador and the Ambassador of ALMA.

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