After getting a high school degree in science to comply with her parents’ wishes, Marta Confente saw her dream of attending the faculty of Chemistry in London fade away. Interpreting this change as a sign of destiny, she decided to follow her deep passion, cooking.

She chose ALMA following the advice of a family friend and she started from the Cooking Techniques Course since she had no basics skills or practical knowledge.  She continued with the Advanced Course in Italian Cuisine that put a strain on her with classes at the Central Restaurant, which was being launched as a training module.  An opportunity not to be missed to understand and get used to the pace of large kitchens.  After the Diploma, she had several experiences in great restaurants in Italy and abroad: she worked in the kitchen of Relais Chateaux Da Caino and then Certosa in Maggiano, she continued with the Hotel al Ancienne Auberge of Georges Blanc in Vonnas and the Ritz in London.  She returned to Italy landing at the Del Cambio Restaurant of Chef Matteo Baronetto where she approached pastry for the first time and where she returned after a stop at the Piazza Duomo Restaurant of Chef Enrico Crippa. Then the made the choice of working as a freelancer chef and consultant.  In 2018 she intersected ALMA’s road when she was contacted to replace a chef during an event: since then she has carried on this cooperation as a Chef in charge of Events and then Chef Ambassador at several events including SIAL in Paris, a series of training activities for key players of the US large retail, the travelling event of the Campari Food Truck and recently the ANUGA exhibition. Next appointment will be the 2019 Week of Italian Cuisine Worldwide.


“Being a Chef Ambassador means not only bringing the Italian spirit worldwide – because the quality and excellence of our products is self-explanatory – but also spreading the concept of professionalism that ALMA pursues, a concept that is made up of order, rigour, cleanliness and value that identify us and that clients around the world notice and appreciate”.


My favourite dish is the one I feel like eating in that specific moment! And the one I prefer cooking is the one that the person who is with me right then would like to eat, especially if I am with a dear person.

Cooking in 3 words? Rigour, respect, fun.

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