“Culture is our engine, our reference landscape, it widens our horizons and opens up infinite possibilities.  Our attention in the kitchen looks at how ideas take shape inspired by nature, helped by technology and motivated, now more than even before, by social choices”.



“Every thought, image, memory and passion are compressed in chewable bites because food is not only the quality of the ingredients, but also the quality of the ideas”.

“I always say: in my future there will always be a future because I never stop dreaming. With this idea in my mind, I enter the kitchen every day, talk to my staff, invite them to undertake a path of cultural growth with the same enthusiasm and amazement of a child that discovers the world”.



“We live in a country where the culinary tradition is as important as the wholehearted love of a mother… it is not an invitation to deny the past, but to celebrate it in the most authentic way possible, creating something new… the result of and homage to what preceded us.  Because we know and must always be aware of who we are and where we come from, never forget it!

“We should try to project into the future the best of our past filtered by critical and never nostalgic thinking”.



“Our secret is leaving a window open to poetry, a space that is always open to the unexpected because inspiration may arrive from anywhere, at any time and from anyone”.

“I am convinced that beautiful and good are two sides of the same coin: one cannot live without the over.  Our purpose is making the invisible visible and exploiting its huge potential bringing the whole community on our side”.



“The power of beauty is the power of one, plus one, plus one, plus another… Today is already tomorrow and the future of the world counts on us”.

Watch the video of the speech | English subtitles

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