The fourth edition of the “Week of Italian Cuisine in the world” , the event designed and coordinated by the General Direction for the Promotion of the Country System of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has just concluded. “Food Education: The Culture of Taste” was the theme of this edition, that, as usual, had the aim of promoting abroad the Italian agri-food industry and quality cuisine, outstanding examples of the “Made-in-Italy Brand”, 

Numerous events all over the world has been organized thanks to the diplomatic and consular offices and Italian Cultural Institutes: commercial promotion activities, seminars and conferences, meetings with chefs and cooking courses, tastings and dinners. Italian cuisine has been the main topic of art creations, film screenings, concerts and photographic exhibitions. The relationship between food and environmental sustainability, healthy food culture, food safety, the right to food, food education, territorial identities and biodiversity: these were the core themes of the discussions.

ALMA events

ALMA was one of the main actor in the events that took place in the 12 countries all over the world with show cooking, conventions and gala dinners with its Chef Ambassadors.
This venture has brought abroad the Italian cuisine, its philosophy and the common project of fighting Italian sounding, to protect the traditions and raws that are born in our country and that have made it the key figures of food in the world. Many schools have been involved, thanks to the wide network of collaborations that ALMA has built in these 15 years.

Below the photogallery of events and the international press review.



Chef Alessandro Masia

Masterclass “La Pasticceria Italiana” at SENAC NACIONAL



Chef Carlo Maria Ricci

Luch in Hangzou at Tourism College of Zeijiang; Gala Dinner at Bulgari Hotel Shanghai with chef Niko Romito; Masterclass and event in collaboration with Salone del Mobile in Shanghai by Montenapoleone; Show cooking and tasting session for gastronomic journalists for ITA Shanghai



Chef Marta Confente

ACDAC event with show cooking and lunch at Centro Italiano of Bogotà; Gala Dinner at Club Metropolitan; Masterclass for Ministero della Cultura and Cocktail at Italian Ambassy



Chef Piero di Turi

Gala Dinner at Le Premiere Restaurant Zagabria; Show cooking at KUL IN



Chef Marta Confente

Masterclass at Gastronomy UDLA; Dinner at Sensibus Restaurant with Chef Gobbi



Chef Peter Brunel

Masterclass at Four Season, Gala Dinner at Bella Restaurant



Chef Andrea Ruisi

Gala Dinner at Ristorante Vetro; Workshop at IICA; Gala Dinner at Italian Ambassy; Show cooking at IICA and collaboration at Feeding India to prepare 250 lunch to supply



Chef Carlo Maria Ricci

Masterclass at Hotel Pullman and Gala Dinner dedicated to “Leonardo Da Vinci”; Show cooking at City Market Place and Masterclass at Myanmar Deaf Chefs



Chef Mauro Elli e Chef Stefano Santo

Breakfast at Avocado Queen and demo lesson; Masterclass at Novikov School; Masterclass at Syrovarnya; Gala Dinner at ristorante Vogue; Gala Dinner at Italian Ambassy



Chef Giuseppe Iannotti and Ciro Fontanesi, ALMA Wine Academy Coordinator

Masterclass about italian wine; Lunch at Italian Ambassy with Award Ceremony to the winners of Chef 2018 contest; Committee in the Sommelier Contest at Italian Consulate and Award Ceremony at the Ambassy of Catadores contest



Chef Fulvio Vailati Canta

Four Masterclass conwith Menu Italiano at Hungkuang



Corporate event

ALMA President Enzo Malanca gave a speech during the “Ospitalità Italiana” ceremony, at Gaysorn Urban Resort, which was attended by various international players in the hospitality sector.



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