Richard Ginori joins forces with ALMA to unite the most sublime expressions of Italian cuisine

Richard Ginori, the maximum expression of Italian excellence in the artistic manufacturing of pure porcelain since 1735, is delighted to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with ALMA – The International School of Italian Cuisine, with the intent to unite the two parties’ respective strengths in the global valorisation of cuisine carrying the made-in-Italy label and to design and develop together a selection of items and collections dedicated to the “Haute Hotellerie et Restauration” sector.
An all-Italian character – considered not only as the denomination of origin, but also as the perfect mix of culture of beauty, excellence in the know-how, originality, creativity and craftsmanship, at the basis of a true lifestyle – and which is the distinctive mark of both Richard Ginori and the School, thus becomes the main driver of a deeply rooted and original partnership, consistent with the mission of both expressions of excellence.

For Richard Ginori, the partnership stems from a deep-down understanding of intents and views it shares with ALMA: thanks to a vast range of collections targeting the business of “Haute Hotellerie et Restauration”, the Manifattura offers numerous products sure to satisfy the most creative chefs and the most up-to-the-minute requirements in terms of hospitality and fine dining. Indeed, Richard Ginori has formed many important partnerships down through the years with premium hotels and restaurants throughout the world. On each occasion, original table settings in perfect Richard Ginori style have been arranged by mixing products from permanent collections with customized ones.
The partnership with ALMA thus is perfectly consistent with this direction and it aims at designing and realizing, in close synergy with the ALMA’s chef team, a news tableware purpose able to best satisfy the requirements of the “Haute Hotellerie et Restauration” channel.

That of tableware is now an extremely lively industry in terms of innovation and change. Table settings no longer follow traditional patterns but are conceived in the same way as a stage setting, enabling the client-spectator to feel and, above all, to live a unique experience. In fact, table setting is interpreted as a mingling of shapes, colours and new materials and, more and more frequently, decorative objects become part of the table placement.” – commented Annalisa Tani, Brand and Product Director of Richard Ginori – “We therefore believe that a long-term partnership with such a prestigious establishment as ALMA is the best possible tool at our disposal for providing an effective response to market requirements, but also for continuing to uphold the values of innovation in tradition and the excellence characterized by timeless beauty which have inspired the Manifattura since the outset.

These thoughts are further elaborated by Andrea Sinigaglia, General Manager of ALMA: “In a School like ours, the educational process is inexorably associated with matter and it is no coincidence that our restaurant is called Mater. As we see it, working alongside a storied company, or should we say a mythical brand, such as Richard Ginori, enables us to be more effective in communicating the essence of Italian cuisine to our students. Thanks to this partnership, the beauty, taste and civilization expressed in the utensils created by the Manifattura, become the subliminal elements of our teaching at ALMA.”


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