• 360 gr of rice
  • 100 gr of Grana Padano
  • 200 gr of butter
  • 200 gr of onions
  • Juniper berries to taste
  • Saffron
  • 2 lemons

Cut the butter into cubes and combine with the grated zest of a lemon. Extract the juice of the lemons and add the liquid and the zest in a saucepan, heat everything. Emulsify the butter a little at a time with the liquid, melt the butter and place the contents in a bowl and leave to cool.

Cut the onions without peeling them, place on a pan and simmer. When the surface of the onions is burnt, turn the onion on the other side and let it burn. Continue cooking by adding water until the onions are completely cooked. Finally, peel and blend until you get a puree, then pass through a sieve.

Prepare juniper-flavored water, in the meantime toast the rice in a pan. Dissolve the saffron in water, add the flavored water a little at a time and cook for about 18 minutes.

Icona_numero_4 When cooked, stir in the grated Grana Padano and the sour lemon butter.

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