Renzky-Kurniawan Saputra

Interview to Renzky Kurniawan Saputra, Chef and ALMA graduate from the Italian Culinary Program 2016 Edition.

I attended ALMA in 2016 because of my passion for Italian food. It was an amazing experience, I had the opportunity to meet many incredible professionals willing to share their know-how with the students. In this sense my biggest inspiration was with no doubts Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, the first Italian chef to receive three Michelin stars and the father of modern Italian cuisine. ALMA did not become my home only, I also met a second family made of my classmates. They made me become a better person, both inside and outside the kitchen.

After ALMA, I kept growing and learning as much as I could from all the people I have met. Recently, I had the opportunity to be part of the Indonesian team at The Worldchef Battlefield – ‘Battle of the Masters’, an event that brings together professional chefs around the globe to compete in the real game of culinary championship for 4 days. Team Indonesia managed to get The Best Main Course and The Best Dessert during Worldchef Battlefield Final; as a consequence, we have become Champion of The World Chef Battlefield 2019, beating 15 teams from all over the world. Another incredible experience to add to my background, now it is time for new chalenges!

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