“A better future starts in the restaurant”: the advanced training course promoted by the Climate Smart Chef

A better future starts in the restaurant“: the advanced training course dedicated to catering professionals promoted by the Climate Smart Chef project announces itself with this undoubtedly shareable assumption. A didactic path to translate into recipes, operational choices, best practices and managerial strategies the restaurant world’s commitment to fight climate change.

Join this cause is admirable; putting it into practice necessary. But how? How can a chef cook so that there is no food waste; how they can reuse processing waste in the best possible way; how to choose raw materials with zero km or low environmental impact; how to save water and reduce emissions during the production of meals? These questions are going to be answered in a practical way by this Climate Smart Chef course, designed not to teach cooking to those who, in fact, already know how to do it, but to help these figures, strategic in the challenge against the climate crisis, to do it in a sustainable way.

Set up by ALMA and ENAIP, the course, which is completely free of charge, will see ALMA’s own teaching chefs and other professionals in the sector in the chair.


For further information on the course and how to participate, please




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