In order to obtain the Diploma of Professional of the Italian Cuisine – Advanced level, you must pass the final exam.


Practical test: self-inspired menu

Time available: 5 hours


This exam consists of the design and creation of a three-course menu, for 4 guests. The menu must be based on the internship region or restaurant dishes.

You must choose to follow one of these gastronomic proposal for your three-course menu will be based on one of the following alternatives:

  1. Appetizer, first course, second course.
  2. Appetizer, first course, dessert
  3. Appetizer, main course, dessert
  4. First course, second course, dessert



The seasonality of the menu should respect the period in which you will take the final exam. Therefore, in case of postponed exam session, it is mandatory to change the menu, adapting it to the new season and in accordance with the territory/dishes of the Internship Restaurant.
Although not compulsory, a beverage can be brought for tasting to pair with the personal menu. The cost and supply a beverage is the responsibility of the student and cannot be bought using the budget allowed for the menu.


The student must make all preparations during the execution of the test, within the maximum time of the 5 hours.
On the day before the practical test, the student has 1 hour to carry out some initial preparatory steps (e.g. soaking legumes etc…).

The file “Sanitary and Hygiene Protocol” (see downloads below) specifies details regarding the organization of the practical test and the raw materials allowed during the examination. This document will be sent via e-mail and must be duly completed and signed online by the start date of the examination session.


Raw materials and equipment for the practical test will be provided by the School, based on the lists you find below. Products and equipment not indicated in the lists will have to be provided independently by the candidate.
The candidate must fill in the order form fields related to the personal menu on the App MYALMALIFE (see instructions below), no later than the date that will be communicated by Student Office.
It is mandatory to indicate the name of the dishes and the type of course (appetizer, first course, second course, dessert). It is also required to specify whether the dish is freely inspired or is a dish from the internship restaurant.
Students who do not fill out the order form by the deadline will have to independently source the raw materials and equipment needed to make the menu and bring them on the day of the exam, respecting the directions on the sanitary protocol.


The total budget for making the three-course menu for 4 guests shall not exceed € 64.


On the day of the exam, the candidate will present their self-inspired menu to the jury in hard copy so 3 copies are required to be printed. Please pay special attention to grammatical, stylistic aspects and take care of its aesthetics.


The practical test will be evaluated by internal teachers and an external jury.

  • The internal teachers, who will supervise the preparations, will follow this criteria:
  1. Organization of the station
  2. Compliance with sanitation and hygiene regulations
  3. Knowledge and correct application of executive processes
  4. Technical – practical skills and dexterity
  5. Adherence to preparation and service times
  6. Organoleptic analysis of the finished dish (sight, smell, touch, taste)


  • The external jury will be composed by professional Chefs chosen by ALMA and Emilia-Romagna region commissioners who will evaluate the dishes and interview the candidate.


If successful, the practical exam will determine:

  • for ALMA – The 80% of the evaluation of the final exam
  • for the Emilia Romagna Region – the release of the “Certificato di Qualifica Professionale di Operatore alla produzione Pasti – 4 livello EQF”.


We specify that in order to obtain the ALMA Diploma, the evaluation received will be indipendent of whether or not the Regional Qualification is issued.


Delivery of a PDF work

The candidate is also required to do a PDF illustration of the 3-course menu and to describe the gastronomic and cultural motivations related to its composition. In-depth materials such as photos, drawings, interviews with a producer, personal narratives related to the area and the internship experience, etc., are required to be included in the PDF document.

This document (which include the three – course menu) must be uploaded on the App MYALMALIFE in the Regional Project section (see instructions below), no later than the date that will be communicated by Student Office


ATTENTION: The PDF WORK must contain the three course menu and its detailed description Only one file must be uploaded and it cannot not exceed 5 MB.


Evaluation of the PDF entry will include:

  • Correctness of the proposed menu and adherence to the rules of menu composition explained during the educational course;
  • Adherence to the seasonality of ingredients and consistency with the day on which the menu is made.
  • Correct description of dishes, attention to detail, adequacy of insights, personal elaboration.
  • Consistency of the menu with the internship region or restaurant dishes.


The PDF paper will determine 20% of the evaluation of the final exam.

For the purpose of conducting the final exams, it is important to remember:

To upload the Internship Dossier within the MYALMALIFE App


At the end of the internship, the trainee is required to check that their Interniship dossier (evaluation form along with the attendance log) has been properly completed. All pages of the internship dossier must be uploaded in pdf format on the App (see attached instructions) by the start date of the final exam.

Failure to submit the internship dossier will result in a failed internship grade.

The Evaluation System


The final exam determines 30% of the evaluation of the entire ALMA’s educational path.

In order to obtain the diploma, you must pass each test. In case of failure, the student can re-take the exam. If the student fails only one grade but not the test as a whole (e.g. grade jury insufficient but internal chef grade sufficient), the Jury may penalize the student according to the severity of the insufficiency by taking away up to a maximum of 5 points.

If the student reports a positive result in all the tests, the Examination Committee may reward the student in question by awarding up to a maximum of 5 points.

Other useful information


If you need help or want to ask information, please write an e-mail to esamifinali@scuolacucina.it

The exam’s schedule and group composition will be available on Hyperplanning the week before the start date of the exam session.

The candidate must wear their personal uniform, shoes, tool kit and bring the locker lock.

The arrangements for the closing ceremony will be announced at a later date.

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