Life Climate Smart Chef: the project that involves European chefs as promoters of susteinable diets and food as a key factor for climate change mitigation.

Life Climate Smart Chefs, the European project funded by the EU LIFE Programme that aims to contribute to the development and implementation of the EU Climate Policy and the Farm to Fork (F2F) Strategy by actively involving European chefs as promoters of low emission, nutritious and affordable diets, and to promote a mainstream debate on food as a key factor for climate change mitigation, has begun.

The project intends to provide chefs with the knowledge and tools to generate change from recipe and menu design and planning to consumption, and to promote awareness on climate and environmental issues.

In addition, the project promotes a mainstream debate on food as a key factor for climate change mitigation.


  • the implementation of a high-level training course for chefs
  • the development of a digital tool to design climate smart menus
  • the creation of an Award dedicated to climate smart chefs Award and local initiatives promoting sustainable diets
  • the creation of an EU Network of chef associations

If you are a chef or work in the restaurant sector, find out how to join the Climate Smart Chefs network, benefit your profession and do something concrete for our planet!

Do you want to know the details of the project and know all the events and initiatives that will see him as a protagonist?

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