What to do, where to go during your free time

Colorno, where ALMA’s headquarters are, is a small village of around 10 thousand inhabitants, a provincial village which, despite its small size, offers a range of services such as sporting facilities, bars, nearby restaurants, shops, supermarkets as well as banks.

Parma is only 10 km away with its cultural attractions and opportunities for entertainment.

To find out about events taking place in the city, we recommend you visit the dedicated portal at www.oggiaparma.it with listings for films, plays, concerts and exhibitions. There are many venues to suit all tastes where you can enjoy an evening with friends: pubs and sandwich bars, night clubs and places with live music, or clubs. And for those interested in Art and Culture the tourist information portal of the Municipality of Parma offers a comprehensive and up-to-date list of museums and churches, palaces and monuments. Not to be missed are: the Parco Ducale, the Cathedral and Baptistry, The Stuard Pinacoteca, the Teatro Regio (Royal Theatre), the Teatro Farnese, and the Botanic Gardens . And for sport lovers? The list of gyms, sports centres and sporting clubs in this case is endless. The University Sport Centre website and that of the Municipality of Parma provide plenty of references.

Getting to Parma from Colorno is easy even without a car:

  • By train – from Colorno station, take the regional train to Parma.
  • By bus – take the bus no. 7

Travelling within the city is also easy thanks to the public transport network and to the Bike Sharing scheme (borrow a bike and leave it in a different part of town) or the Car Sharing scheme (similar service involving hiring a car).

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