Valerio Cabri

Born in Pavullo nel Frignano, Valerio Cabri is a full-blooded son of Modena, from a historical family of physicians. Not wanting to disappoint his family’s expectations, Cabri attended a Science Oriented Secondary High School and obtained his diploma. However, when the time came to enrol in the university, he got off the fence and decided that his passion for cooking could not be put on hold any longer. Therefore, he chose the kitchen counters over the University classrooms, and the first few brigade experiences were enough for him to confirm that he had chosen the right path, although his basic knowledge was still incomplete. To fix this gap, Cabri enrolled in the School of Hotel Management of Serramazzoni, where, having passed an assessment test and was admitted directly to the specialization year. Doggedness, commitment and desire to make his dream come true, pushed him to give his best and make up for lost time. His first step in the world of gastronomy happened during an internship in one of the temples of world-renowned cuisine: Le Gavroche, a Two Michelin Star, a special experience for the stature of the establishment, its international standing and for Maestro Michel Roux Jr., a chef who is able to transmit every day strong emotions and new teachings. “Never feel you’ve made it”: this is Cabri’s professional motto. Indeed, after a period in London, he decided to enrol in ALMA, in one of the very first editions of the Advanced Course in Italian Cuisine. Completed the studies, Cabri took an internship at the Al Cavallino Bianco restaurant with Chef Massimo Spigaroli and there he went from intern to chef de Partie. He then moved to the Michelin-starred Antica Corte Pallavicina, where he remained two years. But Cabri, always looking for new challenges, moved the following year to another Michelin Star: the Antica Osteria del Teatro in Piacenza, with Chef Filippo Chiappini Dattilo. After Piacenza, Cabri dedicated himself for a few years to banqueting and catering with companies focused on organizing events and weddings in the area of Reggio. Finally, he entered the world of education as a teacher in that same school where he had studied earlier: the School of Hotel Management in Serramazzoni, where he taught the Cuisine Specialization Course for some years.
Today Cabri teaches the Cooking Techniques course at ALMA.


Favourite dish to taste: i soffici ai 3 Parmigiani (of Massimo Spigaroli)
Favourite dish to cook: la treccia di branzino al timo, pomodoro, sale grosso (iconic dish of Antica Osteria del Teatro)
Cooking in 3 words: Identity, Challenge, Share

The teacher's courses

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