ALMA and SDA Bocconi: a perfect match of excellence in higher education

Two of Italy’s leading brands in higher education create one of the most innovative collaborations of recent times and, each with the expertise of its specific skills, design a team building played out between culinary arts and managerial skills. We are talking about ALMA and SDA Bocconi, which created a tailor-made experience for the CEOs and CXOs of the Adani Group, a leading Indian multinational company in the integrated business sector.

Promoted by the Managing Director of SDA Bocconi, Alessandro Giuliani, this full immersion path in the excellence of Emilia – this was the theme of the experience – began with the discovery of two iconic brands of the Motor Valley such as Ferrari and Ducati, to move then to the Cavallino restaurant of chef Massimo Bottura.

At ALMA headquarters, participants were immersed in the spirit of the school, between tastings and lessons about the culinary excellences of the territory. All this concepts were translated into a practical cooking experience led by Chef Carlo Maria Ricci, who initiated participants to the concept of design thinking applied to the creation of a gourmet menu.

On the other hand, our agri-food heritage, its producers, and the companies that enhance the Made in Italy products were the subject of the contributions of other ALMA chefs, academics and catering professionals who guided the 21 CEOs and CXOs of the Adani Group in this unique format. ALMA “mentors” included Alessandra Rubini, Didac Dell’Isola, Gabriele Fontana, Luca Torsani, Candida D’Elia and Laura Lazzari.

In the meanwhile, members of the training team and SDA Bocconi referees explored Italy’s regional food and wine excellence through a food pairing activity led by ALMA Wine Academy lecturer and manager Ciro Fontanesi.

At the conclusion of the day, the School’s MATER restaurant was the setting for the fine dining dinner and the presentation of certificates of participation. Adani made a gift to ALMA of a hand-embroidered artifact, an expression of Indian craftsmanship, offered as a sign of recognition for ALMA’s commitment to training hospitality professionals and for its commitment to the creation and dissemination of a high-profile food and wine culture.


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