Together with ALMA, UEFA launches Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines

Uefa has released its first Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines, a new resource to help event organizers and companies meet the growing demand for the provision of healthier and more sustainable catering services at sports venues. The document establishes “a benchmark for the broader soccer community, encouraging organizations to respond to evolving standards in the catering industry and reduce costs and waste by adopting more sustainable practices.
Developed in collaboration with ALMA, the guidelines provide practical advice for making responsible and sustainable choices in the selection, preparation, communication, and management of food and beverage waste.

The launch comes during Zero Waste Week, which encourages people around the world to commit to reducing the amount of waste they send to landfills, saving money and conserving resources in the process. “Today we are kicking off a wide-ranging effort to provide sporting event organizers and caterers with practical tips for making sustainable choices in catering,” the words of Michele Uva, Uefa Social & Environmental Sustainability director,I look forward to seeing these guidelines translated into tangible actions at Uefa events and in collaboration across European soccer to help us achieve our goals on health and well-being and a reduced impact on the environment. These guidelines will be followed by a best practices document for stadium concessions at a later stage.”

As culinary educators and chefs, we feel it is our duty to advise people and guide them in their food choices,” is the comment of Andrea Sinigaglia, director general of ALMAThis is why we are pleased to join Uefa, with the hope that the guidelines can be a stimulus to reinterpret food not only as a source of nutritious and delicious meals, but also as a step toward taking responsibility for the earth”.


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