Domus Academy: a creative project on food design with ALMA

Food design is the focus of the educational collaboration between ALMA and Domus Academy, the Milan School of Design that educates the designers of the future “in the design of change” since 1982.

The School, within its educational program, has always aimed to integrate its students with local companies: promoting the realization of workshops or concept and product research projects, with the coordination of its teaching staff, and lending its facilities, spaces and know-how at the service of companies and students.

On this occasion, students from the Master’s program in “Product Design,” within the Envisioning workshop, will participate in a workshop titled “Advanced Design & Processes” supported by the School Heads, Course Program Leaders, Project Leaders and Project Assistants, who will direct them toward the working methodologies most consistent with the final objective to be achieved, basically a series of ad hoc creative content on the theme “Design Meets Fine Cuisine: Future Food Now.” Students will be free to develop the project by giving space to their personal creativity in compliance with the assigned brief and will have to arrange a Digital Presentation, complete with images, descriptions and photos of 3D printed food prototyping.

ALMA, specifically, will support them in researching and adopting new techniques and solutions for the creation of edible food with innovative technologies and processes, developing recipes with 3D printed mock-ups.

The project is divided into a series of meetings, which began on February 28 with the launch of the workshop and the Project brief, at Domus Academy, and continued in ALMA on March 9 when the students met with Chefs Carlo Maria Ricci and Fulvio Vailati who assisted them in the development of pastry products, responding to the requirements of the Project brief.  The last two appointments at the Milan venue will see the students grappling with a mid-review of the concepts they have developed today, while the final presentation of the work will be held on April 7.


About Domus Academy

Domus Academy began its activity in 1982 in Milan as one of the first post-graduate design schools in Italy and was conceived as an open project around the Italian design and fashion experience. A place where designers of the future can experience an open and interdisciplinary environment, working with visionary and cutting-edge companies. Following the method based on learning by designing, students develop a mindset that enables them to find creative solutions in future scenarios.

Design, Fashion, Experience and Business are the four reference areas for the Master’s degrees, recognized by the MUR.

From 2021, the academic offerings will expand with the Double Award Master’s degree, which also allows students to receive a Master of Arts degree with British accreditation.

Responding to growing market needs and new global trends, Domus Academy has launched two new two-year Master of Arts degrees: MA in Design Innovation and MA in Fashion: Design, Art & Technology.

Over the years, Domus Academy has received numerous awards and recognitions including the Compasso d’Oro Award for the quality of research and academic approach and the Special Badge of Excellence in Learning Experience from The Business of Fashion and is included in the QS University Ranking by Subject.


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