The road to the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2020 Grand Finale is still long, but 135 candidates coming from 12 regions representing 50 countries are now one step closer. They have been selected from about 2400 applications submitted by young chefs from all over the world, all of them looking for their chance to be part of S.Pellegrino’s global talent search for the world’s best young chef.

Each young chef’s application and signature dish was evaluated by experts at the World’s Leading International Educational and Training Centre for Italian Cuisine, ALMA, in charge of the candidates selection. ALMA’s selection process hinged on three criteria: technical skills, creativity and a personal belief in the transformative power of gastronomy as a device for positive societal change.

We have the pleasure of collaborating with S.Pellegrino Young Chef since the very first edition, and every time we are amazed by the variety of ideas and the great passion showed by the candidates”. said Andrea Sinigaglia, General Manager of ALMA. “For this edition we selected 135 young talents and we are excited to see how they will perform first on a local, and then on a global scale. Good luck to all of them!”

Moreover, the percentage of women registered among the candidates grew to more than 10% – a number that needs to grow, but that shows the first results of the commitment taken by S.Pellegrino about gender balance and inclusivity.

From August to December 2019, the candidates of each region will compete in 12 regional challenges. Each region will have a jury composed of leading independent chefs, who will judge the candidates’ signature dishes and select the regional winners of the four awards.

By the end of December 2019, the Young Chefs from around the globe announced as official finalists of the four awards will move on to the Grand Finale to be held in June 2020. Throughout the months, each finalist will be accompanied by Mentor Chefs, who will provide them guidance on how to improve their signature dishes and support them in their preparation for the international finals.

Discover the 135 candidates. Exclusive content and updates on S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2020 will be published regularly on http://www.sanpellegrinoyoungchef.com/en. Follow the story also on Facebook and Instagram via #SPYoungChef.




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